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From sight words, to common core math, to reading comprehension... we support students in grades

1st - 5th with patience and understanding.  
We recommend 1:1 or semi-private sessions for our elementary students.

Teacher and Student

Our middle schoolers have the option of coming in daily for simple homework help, or 1:1 private or semi-private sessions to help them advance in their studies. We offer support all subjects, including honors and accelerated classes. 


Math Notebook and Calculator

Our high school students are supported in multiple ways here!

1) We offer support with all subjects, including AP & foreign languages.

2) SAT / ACT Test Prep

3) College Prep

4) Adulting



Located in the heart of San Elijo Hills, we are walking distance from San Elijo Middle School as well as San Elijo Elementary School. Many of our tutors came up through these very schools! Speaking of our tutors... they range from extremely intelligent high school and college students (that are required to carry a 4.0 or higher GPA), as well as credentialed teachers! We offer tutors with BIG personalities, and quiet ones too. We believe in matching student and tutor's interests and personalities as much as subject help they'll acquire. Our tutors are happy to visit your student at our center, or in your home.

We are owned and operated by a local, veteran family. This means several things for you and your students.  First, we are thankful and supportive of all active and retired military families!  We offer discounts for all military families, and even better discounts for any families with an actively deployed parent. Second, since we're not a big corporation or chain tutoring center... we run our center like a home, not a cold corporation simply turning students in and out for cash. We are invested in your children's success... academically and in life! Lastly, this is our community, too. Our own children attend the local schools, and might even share classes with your children. There's a sense of pride and commitment to be able to give back to the community you love. 



1620 San Elijo Road #103 ~ San Marcos, CA 92078  Tel: 949-973-0670

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