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Downtown Academics Tutoring is not a chain, nor is it a big corporation. Our San Marcos location is our only location. We are a small, veteran-family owned business. Residents of SEH since 2015, we have strong ties to the community we serve. We want nothing more than to empower the children and teens of our community with the tools and self confidence it takes to survive this crazy thing we call life! 

Many of our students struggle with learning disabilities such as ADHD, dyslexia, and social anxiety. We equip our tutors with the knowledge and techniques to best help ALL of our students! We understand that no two students are the same; so neither is our approach or teaching style. 


Kimberly Orellana

Owner - President of Marketing

I'm a mom of 5 busy children that range from the amazing ages of 16 years old to 2 years old! Yes, I'm teaching one how to drive a car, and another how to poop in a potty. Life's amazing like that.

My background includes years of coaching, real estate, marketing, and momming. I like to believe that I'm pretty cool, and most days my children would agree with me. I choose to see the beauty in life's daily challenges rather than the struggles. I strive to equip my children, and all children in my life, with the tools it takes to be self sufficient and happy in life! 


Marie Ramirez

Manager - Lead Tutor

I am a senior undergrad at CSUSM majoring in Biology. My ultimate goal is to eventually obtain a Masters degree in Biomedical Illustration, and to have scientific artwork published in media such as medical journals and textbooks. I was born and raised in the Philippines, and immigrated to the U.S. when I was 14. My identity as an immigrant is one of the reasons why I have continuously tried to excel in my academics, while thoroughly enjoying learning about the natural sciences, history, writing, and literature. In my spare time, I greatly enjoy traveling to new places and have been fortunate enough to have explored countries such as Mexico, Thailand, Singapore and South Korea.


Nicholas Karalis


My name is Nicholas and I am one of the tutors you’d be seeing helping your child/student. I am 16 years old, have 4 younger brothers and sisters, and am a Junior attending San Marcos High School. I love the intricacies of Math and Computer Science, and hope to find a career where I can excel in those categories. In my free time, I love to hang out with friends and play games, whether they be tabletop or online.


Adolfo Orellana

Owner - Director of Student Success

USCG Veteran

In my younger years, I was quite the daredevil. Now that I’m a bit older and have children of my own, sleep is my extreme sport! 

With over 11 years working in higher education and a M.B.M. with a specialization in Leadership; I often come back to one of my favorite quotes: “The brick walls are there for a reason... they are not there to keep us out... but to give us an opportunity to show the world how bad we want something!"  I enjoy helping students view those brick walls as opportunities, rather than obstacles. 


Geneva Martinot


I graduated from San Marcos High School last May. I play club rugby and assume I get my aggression from growing up with three brothers. I love spending time with my family and my friends. I am very social and love to see others enjoying life.

I am currently taking classes at Palomar and hope to transfer to Hawaii University to get a degree in Marine Biology.  I excel in the STEM subjects and love a good math problem.


Debbie Edwards, MAT

Teacher - Tutor

I am a credentialed K-8 teacher and recently completed an action research project on learning styles, earning a Master of Arts in Teaching. I encourage students to develop the skills necessary for success in the 21st century: communication, collaboration and creativity.  I especially enjoy teaching writing and math, employing methods to truly help students become comfortable and fluent with words and numbers. I also have extensive experience working with students on the spectrum and with ADD or ADHD. I look forward to meeting you and your student!


Ryan Johnson


Hi my name is Ryan. I am currently working on a medical assisting certification at Pima Medical Institute. I hope to specialize in pediatric cardiology before enlisting in the Navy. I took 3 AP history classes in high school but science and math are by far my favorite subjects. I’ve been lucky enough to have lived on the island of Guam for part of my life and have seen Japan, South Korea, and Australia. Learning is a passion and I hope to help others find it just as enjoyable.


Brianna Jordan


Hello, I am a sophomore at Mission Hills High School. I have been tutoring since I was 12 years old and have loved it ever since. In my free time, I love to draw and paint, play tennis, practice piano, and read books. Last year I took my first AP class (AP Human Geography), and now this year I plan to take two (AP Biology and Ap World History). I was also apart of my school's JV tennis team and our freshmen Academic League team - fun fact, our team finished in first place in our division! My favorite subjects in school are definitely math and science, especially as I want to go into molecular biology as my future career. Overall, I'm excited to meet your student and help them succeed!


Praneel Bonthala


Hi, my name is Praneel but I go by Neel! I enjoy a wide variety of subjects, from biology to history, and plan to pursue health sciences in the future. I also have experience in many math courses, including algebra 1 & 2, AP calculus, and statistics. Outside of school, I spend a lot of time going out with friends. I really enjoy cooking, although I’m not too good at it, and public speaking. I hope to get to know you and your students better and help them get those straight As!


Tyler Billing


I'm currently a senior at SMHS, and the oldest of 3 boys in my family. My favorite subjects include all sciences and histories taught. I also excel in all levels of math!  In my free time, I love music and enjoying practicing on the piano. I look forward to helping your student excel in school!

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