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Downtown Academic Buddy Program

Downtown Academic Buddies are here to help you with your after-school dilema. Our buddy will meet your student either at your home right after school, or at the school and walk home with them. Then they'll work on homework / academics for 1 hour... after that, it's hang out and fun time!

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Your student's buddy will ensure that all homework is completed each day. If your student does not have homework, they will still practice fundamentals and any areas that need strengthening for an hour every day!

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Positive Role Model

After their homework is done, our buddy will continue to provide a positive environment and fun afternoon for your student.

Your student's safety is our biggest priority!

We run background checks on all of our buddies and make sure they're someone we'd want hanging out with our own children.


YOU get to pick how many days a week you need, as well as how many hours.**

*Pricing is per family, NOT per student!

One time registration fee: $100

1-3 hrs day: $75/day

3-5 hrs day: $125/day

*Additional charges will apply for families with more than 3 students.

**Must be the same days and hours every week.

Interested in becoming a BUDDY? We'd love to hear from you! Please visit our "careers" tab down below!

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