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If you weren't afraid, what's something you'd do?

A lot of high school students are nervous about taking the SATs or ACTs... or simply afraid to fail their Algebra test. But they aren't alone in being nervous or fearful in life. Fear is actually a staple of life and doesn't disappear just because you get older. Courage is NOT never being afraid... it is being afraid of something, but doing it anyways. I believe it's important to equip our students not only with this knowledge, but the tools to dig deep and do things they are afraid to do. (within reason, of course! I speak of healthy things)

I recently asked our local San Marcos parents what they would do if they weren't afraid. I received some very humorous answers, some serious, and some heartfelt. You can read them below.

Submitted by local San Marcos parents!

Travel by myself, go to another country, work in war torn areas helping children, and sing in a band.

~ S.S.

Pet a snake.

~ L.M.

Open an online business for my crafts.

~ S.H.

Ride a roller coaster or take hot air balloon ride.

~ J.G.

Move to Italy or Spain.

~ K.N.

Have a baby.

~ Z.G.

Go to nursing school.

~ S.F.

Go on a trip without my kids for more than 48 hours, go back to school, take art lessons, any of a zillion things I don’t do out of a fear of wasting money or possible failure.

~ J.S.

Start a photography business.

~ M.P.

Be an astronaut and land on the moon.

~ P.B.

Support my souse's decision to go all-in on another business.

~ M.M.

Buy a house.

~ C.F.

Work for myself.

~ S.F.

Write a book.

~ R.M.

Pack the family up and spend a year traveling. No agenda, just go and figure it all out along the way.

~ K.S.

Become family therapist.

~ S.F.

Visit my family in Iran.

~ M.A.

Make leadership videos.

~ D.W.

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